March 14th - 15th, 2023 | Doha, Qatar

STEM Education Summit

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One of the key pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030 is development of the education sector & has been at the core of Qatar’s efforts over the past few years. The Ministry of Education has launched an initiative to encourage students to enrol in STEM Education.

Our Summit brings together educators from across the region to engage and learn how toeffectively deliver an effective STEM Curriculum which will include strategies to engage teacher and students in solving significant problems through STEM education. It is essential, right now for educators to come together to share and to innovate.

We are hosting a series of engaging and interactive localized events, culminating in our flagship event on Digital Learning and STEM Education, where we’ll be welcoming educators and edtech providers from around the world.

Event Highlights:

  • Provide best teaching practices and concepts for the EFFECTIVE DELIVERY of STEM curriculum models

  • INSPIRE INNOVATION and CREATIVITY in the STEM classroom through the use of applied learning projects and activities

  • PROMOTE and RECOGNIZE outstanding STEM educators and programs

  • Provide space for delegates to ENGAGE WITH CREATIVE THINKING to

       enhance the student learning experience

  • Provide Platform for STEM vendors to engage with leaders and influencer’s from the region who share a PASSION FOR CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT and ENHANCEMENT of STEM teaching and Learning


Pushing the boundaries & breakthrough technologies

Investment Stands at
QR22 billion
($6.1bn), one of the highest in the MENA Region

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Major projects in the education sector
currently underway

in schools, universities and educational facilities network.

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In the
2020 budget
Investment in Education
represents approximately

of its overall

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Building world class Education system using digital learning

• eBooks and Magazines
• eLearning and virtual learning environments
• eLearning tools / Online Learning Environments
• Internet based learning solutions
• Online content & resources
• Video Conferencing / Tele-Presence

• 3D Printing
• App Development Smart Cards
• Augmented Reality Devices
• Modeling
• Simulation
• Smart phones
• Robotics

• Big Data & Analytics
• Broadcasting Solutions
• Cloud solutions
• e-Safety and Privacy
• Hardware, Peripherals and Devices
• Printers, 3D Printers, Scanners & Photocopiers
• Network Infrastructure
• Network Management Tools
• Network Security Solutions
• Recording Equipment
• Visualization
• Web Designing
• Wireless / Wi-Fi

• Access control and management
• Cloud Based Library Solutions
• Collaboration Tools
• Content Management Solutions
• Digital Curriculum Resources
• Facilities Management Services
• RFID Solutions
• Self Service Terminals
• Security Solutions
• Smart Cards
• Staff Management and HR Solutions
• Student and Parent Communication Solutions

• Architecture & Building
• Education and Technology Consultancy
• Educational Toys
• Financial Services
• Management, Finance, Payments,
   Billing and Administration Tools
• Prefabricated / Portable classrooms
• Superannuation

• Audio / Visual equipment
• CAD / CAM tools
• Digital content
• Games and learning
• Gamification
• Interactive Technologies
• Learning and collaboration systems
• Learning Apps
• Learning Management Systems
• M-Learning
• Mobile Apps
• White boards and Displays



 Building world class Education system using STEM learning


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Track 1: STEM Education in Qatar
In this track you will learn about key initiative from ministries and institutions to promote
STEM education programs to improve teaching quality in Qatar

• STEM Projects using Simulations
• Transforming education through mobile solution
• Creating Opportunities for Robot innovation
• Augmented reality and student learning
• Artificial Intelligence and Digital Citizenship

• Qatar National Vision 2030 becoming knowledge economy
• Importance of STEM education for nation building
• Inspiring next generation STEM leaders
• Drive change for gender equality in STEM
• Improve student learning outcomes through STEM

TRACK 2: Enhancing STEM learning trough Technology and Innovation
This track showcases various technologies in STEM education (Online Interactive
Learning, Artificial
Intelligence, Simulation, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Gaming, Flipped Class rooms, Mobile Learning,
Moocs, IOT, Cloud Computing)

 Building world class Education system using STEM learning


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Track 3: Integrating STEM in curriculum for excellence
Track 3 focuses Integrating STEM in curriculum. This curriculum will help them develop important
21st Century skills such as DIY-ing, Critical thinking, Problem-solving, Creativity, and Teamwork

• Addressing Teachers skill shortage in teaching STEM
• STEM program tackling skills shortages in primary schools
• Sharpen collaboration skills and applying real-world experience in classrooms
• Industry partnerships and pathways in STEM careers
• Promoting Importance of collaboration of STEM pathways and employment opportunities

• Future-proofing STEM into the School’s curriculum
• Design thinking of STEM curriculum
• Incorporating STEM programs to develop digital literacy
• Integrating STEM with Mathematical Habits of Mind
• Successfully delivering problem & project-based learning practices in classrooms

TRACK 4: STEM program to enhance skill
This track focuses on tackling skill shortage for teachers and Building a modern learning environment,
self-directed learning, digital transformation and the fundamental role of the mind in learning. Expect a
close discussion of these topics by high-quality speakers

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