Why Sponsor

Partnering with IBEForuM, Conference and Exhibition can lead to a significant return on investment profit. Sponsorship agreement with us will boost your brand reach and it would not only supplement your print and online marketing efforts but also, it will create a platform where meaningful discussion between the brand and its potential customers can be initiated.

Direct access to your target market:

Our conference will help you penetrate through your desired market and bring your target audience directly to you. 90% of our audience are decision makers and have the authority to expose your brand

Generate strong leads:

​We create an innovative way to generate quality leads because we have resources who are actively interested in learning and improving aspects of business operations. This helps you in interact with right set of customers

Spotlight on your Brand:

​You will be exposed to hundreds of attendees who are your target market. We don’t stop at Brand awareness, we put your product or service in the hands of customers. Your brand will be seen throughout various elements of the event and attendees eager to learn more about your business will come to find you

Deliver great ROI:

Our events are customised to your goals and is both customer and client centric which enables you to have high concentration of your target audience. Our attendees both in terms of quality & quantity and value addition will influence your ROI

Face Time:

​Networking and information sharing are two major aspects of the conferences and IBEForuM builds in many opportunities for Sponsors to enjoy & benefit from meeting the leaders in the space. As a Sponsor your company will have access to all onsite networking functions at the conference. They include two luncheons sessions, four refreshment break sessions. The exhibit hall is designed to be the heart of the event, a place to network, meet and share strategies with key decision makers involved in and our sponsors will receive premium booth location during the show. Additionally IBEForuM offers a selection of sponsorships that enable our clients to increase their opportunity to develop new relationships during our events

Utilize our Virtual and Online Environments

Our Virtual environments will provide sponsorship opportunities that are more in line with unmatched visibility and alignment with your organization's target constituencies. These virtual platforms will provide another level to your event allowing you to offer sponsor signage, trade show booths, or drop-in appointments.

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Claiming your territory and expanding to new ones:

​Our events are not just about what’s happening between four walls, it also about the ripple impact its going to have on your business, in very positive way. Our focus will be on increasing your reach and boosting your authority in your industry

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