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Thinkerbell Labs is an e-learning company for the visually impaired, building tech products to improve learning outcomes among the visually impaired. Their flagship product, Annie, is the world's first Braille literacy device that enables a visually impaired child to learn to read, write, and type in Braille on their own via instructions in their native language. 

Braille, the tactile script for reading and writing is fundamental to the literacy, employability and independence of a visually impaired person. However, the braille literacy rates in the world are abysmal because of an over-reliance on the presence of special educators. Existing methods therefore do not allow for self-learning or effective classroom teaching. 

We tackle this problem via our flagship innovation, Annie. Annie helps visually impaired children learn to read, write and type in braille, on their own, through audio-guided gamified content. The interactive content on Annie is designed to keep the student engaged through lessons, games and challenges built in partnership with braille experts. The Annie ecosystem also includes a companion app for the guardian/teacher to create content on their own, schedule tests/homeworks, and an analytics dashboard to monitor a student or a class’s progress. Annie can be used individually at home, or can be set up as an Annie smart class at a school/institution. 

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