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Partner for Qatar – Majo Trading

PlayShifu, the leading augmented reality (AR) toy company teaching foundational STEAM skills through physical and digital play, formally appointed Majo Trading as its exclusive partner for the State of Qatar & Bahrain.  

Majo Trading is a 100 % Qatari company which focuses on Educational products and services to educational institutions, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP based IT Product & Services and Environmental Consultancy

PlayShifu is revolutionizing the world of tomorrow by providing educational STEAM play experiences by embracing technology as a part of a child’s development and making screen time meaningful.

Three revolutionary platforms

Shifu Plugo:

Shifu Plugo is an AR-powered gaming system that consists of one gamepad, numerous interchangeable gaming kits and one companion app offering age-adaptive educational games and builds STEAM disciplines through story-based challenges.

Shifu Orboot:

Shifu Orboot is perfect for homeschoolers, classrooms and parents to teach kids about planets through interactive experiences. Kids explore a physical globe through visual storytelling, music and voice interactions and in-app quizzes and challenges.

Shifu Tacto:


PlayShifu’s newest flagship AR experience bringing board games to a new era of augmented interactions confirming the skills of classic board games with a new layer of mesmerizing animated content.

Please visit for more information

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