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Lili for Life:

“Lili Light for Life" is a French innovative company founded following a revolutionary scientific discovery made by the university researcher Albert Le Floch, and for which he obtained in Paris, on December 15th 2020, the very prestigious French Medicine Academy award.

In 2017 he discovered a new cause of dyslexia: unlike non-dyslexic people, dyslexic people have two dominant eyes, which creates mirror images and disturbs the reading. Therefore, he conceived a lamp which, by means of a stroboscopic effect of the light, makes it possible to artificially recreate a gap between the instant of perception of the image by each of the two eyes, so that these images go back to the brain sequentially and not concomitantly, thus allowing a fluid reading for dyslexic people. "Lili Light for Life" ‘s mission is to design, manufacture and sell lamps from Albert Le Floch patents as widely as possible around the world in order to help as many children and families as possible. Through the easiest reading permitted by the Lili lamp, dyslexic people can better express all their innovative and creative capabilities and therefore have a happier life!

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