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Lexima was founded in the Netherlands in 2002. As a leading Edtech company it focuses on effective approaches to reading problems, low literacy and dyslexia via its line of products.


Our flagship product, Alinea by Lexima, is literacy support software that  allows a user to read and work on a writing assignment from a single platform. It works on all devices: Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, Tablets and Smartphones. Easy. Simple. As it should be.


Our users range from young children to University students and adults, to English language learners (ELL) and those with learning disabilities (SEN) such as ADD, ADHD, and Dyslexia. Alinea as a curriculum agnostic resource empowers users to become expert readers and proficient writers. Isn’t this what future leaders need the most? The power to communicate effectively in life. Let Alinea help you shape the future of tomorrow.

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