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International Dyslexia Learning Solutions Limited - IDL

IDL is a charity-owned UK company that specialises in providing award-winning intervention software to primary and secondary/K-12 schools. Our core programme covers English and Maths from ages 5-16 and is tailored for special educational needs requirements. Our programmes have been thoroughly researched, with plenty of evidence backing up their efficacy. Our software is used in over 3,400 schools worldwide and has helped over 218,000 children.


The IDL Literacy package provides a multi-sensory system that supports learners (especially those with dyslexia) to improve their reading and spelling ages between 5-16. IDL literacy has been proven to increase a pupil’s reading and spelling ages by 11 months after just 26 hours use.


IDL Numeracy is a maths software resource that helps to improve ability for low-attaining learners in mathematics.  It is aimed at those with dyscalculia/maths anxiety.


We have a Dyscalculia Screener that is free to all schools worldwide - so that everyone can screen their pupils and find out who needs extra support.


IDL software can be accessed flexibly on computers as well as tablet devices. Our licences cover unlimited pupils in a school and are the most cost-effective way to implement special education provision.

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