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Coding Courses For Kids

Cyber Square, a London based EdTech company is primarily focused on helping schools to foster innovation by imparting coding and Artificial Intelligence in their curriculum from grade 1 onwards. Their unique methodology of teaching through a blended approach makes them successful in helping students to shift from users of technology to creators of technology and upgrade the schools to a technology driven school. Cyber Square provides textbook resources for all grades for British & CBSE curriculum with emphasis on coding and Artificial Intelligence, a digital learning platform, teachers orientation with UK certification, Coding Club for students and parents empowerment program. 


Through their flagship annual event Digital Fest, a tech project expo and presentation, students will showcase their creativity and innovation using digital technologies which includes their own projects like websites, mob apps, IoT projects, Robotics, AI projects etc. 


Cyber Square is the first company to set up an Artificial Intelligence lab in any schools in the UAE and also the first company to include Artificial Intelligence from grade 2 in India. Currently 33 schools from UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia & India have adopted Cyber Square to transform their computer education and prepare their students for the future.

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